HIS HD 5870 (DirectX 11/ Eyefinity/ Full HD 1080p) 2GB (256bit) GDDR5 6 x Mini Display Port PCIe (Eyefinity 6 Edition)
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Product Code H587F2G6D
EAN Code 4895139003772
Cooler Dual-Slot Fan
GPU 5870
Core Clock 850 MHz
Memory Clock 4800 bps /// MHz
Memory Size 2048 MB
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Interface 256 bit
Interface PCI Express x16 (PCI Express 2.1)
Availability Discontinued
  • Windows 7 Compatibility
  • AMD Vision Technology
  • ATI Premium Graphics™
  • ATI Eyefinity™
  • ATI Stream Technology™
  • ATI CrossfireX™
  • DirectX 11
  • 1080p
  • HDMI
  • HDTV
  • Dual Monitor
  • Shader Model 5
  • Unified Video Decoder 2
  • Gaming
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • Retail Pack

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HIS has won over 1700 awards with AMD graphic solutions from major media worldwide.


"AMD has worked hard to reduce idle power consumption and is possibly the most planet-frriendly high and GPU ever... Of all the really high end GPUs, the HD 5870 remains our favourite." - TeachRadar PC Buuying Guide - "Recommended Award"