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HD 5800 Series
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HIS HD 5850 iCooler V Turbo 1GB (256bit) GDDR5 PCIe (DirectX 11/ Eyefinity)
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Référence H585FNT1GD
Code EAN 4895139003499
Refroidissement iCooler V
GPU 5850
Fréquence GPU 765 MHz
Fréquence mémoire 4.5Gbps /// MHz
Capacité mémoire 1024 MB
Type de mémoire GDDR5
Interface mémoire 256 bit
Interface PCI Express x16 (PCI Express 2.1)
Dimensions de la carte 27x12.6x4.2cm cm
Poids de la boite 0.77 kg
Availability Discontinued
  • Windows 7 Compatibility
  • AMD Vision Technology
  • ATI Premium Graphics™
  • ATI Eyefinity™
  • ATI Stream Technology™
  • ATI CrossfireX™
  • DirectX 11
  • PCI Express 2.1
  • OpenGL 3.2
  • OpenCL
  • 1080p
  • HDMI
  • HDTV
  • Dual Monitor
  • Shader Model 5
  • Unified Video Decoder 2
  • 7.1 Channel Audio
  • Gaming
  • Display Port
  • Native HDMI
  • Dual DVI
  • Retail Pack
  • Special Offer
April 29th, 2011 at 01:10 pm By Sergey Tsyurik

Breathtaking 'picture', good performance, less noice in idle and full load, use low power.
I use it near 1 year. Now I am buying second one for CrossfireX.
Previously I bought only GPU of ASUS trade mark but after using products of HIS (TM) I liked it forever )).
This is the best HD Radeon 5850 of all and the best GPU wich I ever have.
Thank you for you quality!

Always your worshiper Severpost (from Ukraine).

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HIS has won over 1700 awards with AMD graphic solutions from major media worldwide.

'the most powerful graphics cards to be able to enjoy smoother playing in full HD at high details and graphics. " - "Super Good Product!"

"Player with a penchant for eye-catching and playful look to be sure, would come at their expense, especially since the small boost in clock speed also makes a small contribution. The overall package of the HIS Radeon HD 5850 iCooler V Turbo was still just as Editor pick us prove at. " - Redakrions Tipp

At the sight of her among the best 3D performance for the HD5850, its nice bundle, the relative efficiency of the heat sink covering the memories